MOOD STONE Ring - Color-Changing GEMSTONE Mood Jewelry - Moonstone, Labradorite, Topaz, Ametrine, Citrine - Sterling Silver

*More Mood Stone rings to come - eventually, or by request!*

As kids, if you accidentally got your glass mood ring wet, it went in the trash. But the rings were cheap, and thermochromic mood pigments have a shelf-life, so they all went in the trash eventually.

In 2021, I set out to make my own mood stones using high quality translucent gems such as moonstone, labradorite, aquamarine, citrine, topaz, etc. I wanted to create a piece of FOREVER mood jewelry; mood stone jewelry that would still look amazing even after the pigment died. I first searched high & low for any companies/artists already making classic GEMSTONE mood jewelry and was thrilled to discover this was an untapped, niche market! I dove right in and spent months working out all the kinks - the process is a bit trickier than glass and because there were no gemstone instructions/help to be found, there was a lot of trial & error, blood & tears, failures & successes... but it was all worth it.

My 2022-2023 MOOD Stone Collections feature only gems with natural rainbow flash &/or colorful iridescence to insure a forever-color-show even after your mood resin dies. The gemstones range from partially translucent to opaque, which produces a more subtle & natural looking color-change compared to glass or clear gems. 

The thermochromic mood pigment hits a rainbow of shades, but seems to favor a deep blue at warmest, to an earthy green at room temp, and a dusty purple at coldest. The colors also appear to change hues in different light and at different angles, which is wild. When dormant (or dead) the pigment will rest at a very convenient shade of silver

I do my best to seal the settings to protect from moisture, but please note the mood pigment & resin are NOT WATERPROOF. Water will cause the resin to separate from the glass and deactivate the color change. I tried everything; nothing is 100% guaranteed to work. However, with proper care the color-change will last through thousands of color changes over many years. Please note, I cannot accept returns on water-damaged mood jewelry.


KEEP DRY (It may survive a splash but don't tempt fate)
POLISH W/ JEWELRY CLOTH (Chemicals = quick painful death)
KEEP FROM EXTREME HEAT/COLD (No playin' with ovens/freezers)

*Per thermochromic pigment manufacturer: Color change effect may need to be reset if item is too warm; place item in cold area to bring tempurature back down for color change to reset.(A couple minutes in fridge will do)

Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions.
More mood jewelry always "coming soon"!


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