Koala Glass Lens Cleaning Cloth // Full-Size

Handy full-size lens cloth for your new magnifying glass. KOALA optical-grade microfiber GLASS LENS CLEANING cloth is engineered for all types of glass; safe on any/all glass coatings. Removes dust, dirt, grime and oily fingerprints and holds up to daily use for years. *Can be hand-washed (no fabric softener) and air-dried*

• Full size cloth 7 x 6 inches
• Cloth color may vary
• Individually wrapped

Nice ADD-ON for GIFT purchases

In-stock items will ship in 1-2 BUSINESS DAYS via UPS with insurance and tracking.

  • Firm 30 day return policy
  • Full refund minus shipping costs
  • $25 glass resetting fee on magnifiers returned with visible lens wear or damage