GOOGLY EYE Ring in Sterling, Onyx & Brass

Each eye is hand-fabricated from STERLING SILVER and set with an ONYX pupil, which slides around with a very satisfying jingle. Eyelash prongs are crafted from jewelers brass & sterling silver. Backplate is crafted from low-tarnish FINE SILVER. Eye is approx 19mm (a bit larger than a dime).

These were meant to be a LIMITED EDITION just-for-FUN collection. That said, if these prototypes are successfully received by their new owners --you??-- I might decide make more. *fingers crossed*

I have FOUR SIZES available - 6, 7, 8 & 9 - each can be stretched up ONE-HALF SIZE by request.



• KEEP DRY -- Ring can collect water, and no one wants a tear-stained eyeball

• POLISH with a jewelry polishing cloth (no chemicals/liquids)

In-stock items will ship in 1-2 BUSINESS DAYS via UPS with insurance and tracking.

  • Firm 30 day return policy
  • Full refund minus shipping costs
  • $25 glass resetting fee on magnifiers returned with visible lens wear or damage