Polly Simon || smithy

Just another indie studio jeweler, standing in front of artisan gems, trying not to keep them all for herself. 

I gravitate toward fun & functional pieces with a retro/vintage vibe. Each piece is hand fabricated, one-at-a-time, and therefore one-of-a-kind. My goal is to maintain the delicate balance between fine workmanship and the unique character only found in true handcrafted artisan jewelry. I shamelessly stalk indie lapidary artists all over the globe and happily hoard their hand-cut stones. I'm also mindful about using recycled/upcycled metals and fair-trade, ethically-mined stones when possible. So I like to think my pieces fall in the "shop small" category from start to finish.

I've been addicted to fire, saws & hammers since my first metalsmith class in 2010. Over the years, I've peddled my wares in all the usual places (boutiques, craft fairs, etc) but these days I prefer to keep my small business small by avoiding third-party sales and sticking with quiet, direct-to-customer online sales; i.e., no wholesale and no boutiques.

I have some congenital, hereditary spine issues which caused premature degeneration and full disc ruptures by my mid-20s. To date I've had three major spine surgeries, two fusions and countless minimally-invasive procedures to manage daily chronic pain, frequent herniations, sciatica and nerve damage throughout my spine...

All that to say: I hurt, so I'm slow. Due to unpredictable limitations, I work when I can and take breaks when I can't. HUGE APOLOGIES if you've been waiting for a fresh re-stock -- no doubt I'm resting my spine and counting the minutes until I can get back to the bench. Please note: I no longer take full custom orders, but I do welcome REQUESTS -- as long as you're not in a rush, I can add your request to my to-do list and notify you as soon as your coveted item is available again.

Thanks again for checking out my work! Please follow me on Instagram for a peak at new work in progress, promotions & sales or just to make fun of my terrible social media skills.

Love, your friendly neighborhood starving art jeweler,

Polly Simon || smithy
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