LRG 5.5x Sterling Magnifying Glass Monocle Necklace // Large 2" Lens // 5.5x Multi Purpose Strength

LARGE 2" diameter magnifying glass in 5.5x MULTI-PURPOSE strength (see lens power info below). Lens is optical-grade double plate glass; strong, durable and scratch resistant.

SET in thick, heavily textured STERLING SILVER with a dark, oxidized finish. Hand fabricated, one of a kind. Full pendant is approximately 2" diameter.

STRUNG on my favorite 36" SOLID BRASS ROLO CHAIN in a dark grey gunmetal finish. This chain can pass for dark oxidized silver, and it's super strong and durable. It includes a sterling silver s-hook clasp and can be shortened to your preferred length using wire cutters or heavy shears. {Nickel & lead free} 

STERLING SILVER CHAIN upgrades are available for purchase; see the 'Magnifier Upgrades' collection of my shop.

• To purchase PENDANT ONLY (no chain) use $15-off code MAG-ONLY at checkout.

• To sub a simple, hand-dyed brown LEATHER CORD use $10-off code SUB-LEATHER at checkout.


MAGNIFICATION POWER: For best results, choose the lowest power necessary to fit your needs. The higher the magnification, the shorter your focal length and the smaller your field of view. Choosing the lowest magnification required ensures the best possible field of view for your intended tasks.

3.5x is standard READING power, recommended for optimal reading purposes. Gentle magnification, similar 3.00 readers. All words in the lens will appear evenly sized, sharp and clear. Lower strength prevents eye strain with heavy use, like when trying to read a whole menu.

5.5x is a strong MULTI-PURPOSE strength, recommended for general enlargement. Powerful zoom means words and images may appear a bit warped around the edge of the lens. Excellent for super small print on labels and miscellaneous tasks such as removing splinters. {Best Seller}

7.5x is close to loupe strength; CUSTOM ORDER lens for special needs/tasks.

In-stock items will ship in 1-2 BUSINESS DAYS via UPS with insurance and tracking.

  • Firm 30 day return policy
  • Full refund minus shipping costs
  • $25 glass resetting fee on magnifiers returned with visible lens wear or damage